lichtstuben statement


The photographers Carmen Spitznagel and Harry Kramer are exploring
old houses, tracing a sense of a time long ago and yet so close. This period
has determined our lives but we have little relation to it.
The two photographers are searching for traces, lights and beings, which
have been and maybe still are alive. They capture rooms, spaces and
atmospheres, enhance and resurrect the mood in an almost unreal manner.
In this project different points of view are stimulating each other and
finally growing together.
A time travel into a world which has been rougher but more essential.
Carmen Spitznagel and Harry Kramer met in an internet forum and realized
that they were working at a similar theme with similar but different
focal points. Reason enough to cooperate and develop their visual world
in a joint project.
The series of Carmen Spitznagel called „memories“ and the series of
Harry Kramer called „Seinerzeit“ became the project „Lichtstuben“.

Carmen Spitznagel created the photos in square format, Harry Kramer those in landscape format.

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